INTERNASJONAL Skuespiller  Dramatiker  Produsent



2015  Lead in shortfilm ”Heddas night” Director: Ingebjørg Torgersen PREMIERE IN 2015

2014-15 NRK1 TV ”Kampen for tilværelsen” Director: Thomas Seeberg Torjussen

Director is winner of Amanda.

2013 Lead in shortfilm ”Money back, please” Director: Even Hafnor

The film has won amongst: Best Short SLEEPWALKERS Baltic Sea Award, Grand Prix SLEEPWALKERS, Best Short at BIFF. Best Short Gullblikket at KINOKINO. Best Short Film in South, and Official Selection Chicago International Filmfestival.

2013 A part in a Short documentary ”Bli hørt!” Director Jeanne Bøe

The film was used in 73 theatre performances in Trondheim, played by Jeanne Bøe. 

2011 TV NRK1, part in "NYTT PÅ NYTT." Humour program.

2008 Shortfilm. One of the leading parts. "Sove nå." “Sleep now” Director: Eric Magnusson

With Kristofer Hivju in GAMES OF THE THRONE.

2006 Shortfilm. Leading part. "Anton Klemp." Director: Martin Lund

2004 FILM. Mother in "Agent Cody Banks2." Director: Kevin Allen

Hollywood production. Other actor’s example: Anthony Anderson and Keith Allen.

2004 TV NRK1. Part: Policewoman. "Deadline Torp." Director: Nils Gaup.

Nils Gaup, Oscar nominated director. Deadline Torp, was also shown in Sweden and Finland. 

2001 TV BBC. Myself in a Theatre documentary. Director: James Nutt.

1999 Shortfilm. Leading part. Røkfri. Director: Pål Karlsen.

1998 FILM. Part in " Misery Harbour." Director: Nils Gaup.

Oscar nominated director. International film. 

1998 TV NRK1. Part: Nina Kristine in "Offshore." Director: Petter Fastvold.

1998 TV2. Part: Eva Ryg in "Bot og Bedring." Director: Rita Eriksen.

1997 TV3. Part: Telemontør in "Det ække bare, bare Bernt." Director: Trond Lie.

1993 FILM. Part: Activist in "De blå ulvene." Director: Morten Kolstad.

1991 BBC1. Dancer in Recordbreaker. Director: Roy Castle.

December 2012 I was hired in Alliansen. It is a three year project at this time, in colaboration with The Norwegian Actor`s Equity Association and The Norwegian Cultural Department. Read more ....



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Siljanspelet was startet in year 2000. Last time was in 2011. Kim Haugen from the Nationaltheatret, Lars Sørbø and my self in the leading roles. Read more ...


I co/produced, wrote and directed my first short filmproduction in 2013. Producer, Solfrid Nikita Holand in Venture Film. The film BLI HØRT, premiered at Kilden in Kristiansand June 2013.


Thanks  to all supporting me   this last year.



PEER GYNT WORLD TOUR continues ...

  • USA

Several countries will be added...

Performance with Peer Gynt with troll in heart. I visited in April 2014 New York, San Diego, Houston and Miami. In colaboration with the Seamen church, Skien Community and The Sons of Norway. I am so happy SONS OF NORWAY, see the importance of Norwegian and American culture coming together.

USA and Germany 2009

In 2009 I was in the US again, with the performance "The Baronesse Karen Blixen" I visited New Orleans and New York. And also the same year I toured in Germany, Berlin and Hamburg, with this performance. I also meet a woman in Hamburg who meet Karen Blixen in person. USA, CHICAGO

USA 2006

I premiered with my English version of Henrik Ibsens play, Peer Gynt, at "Høstfesten" in Minot. After, I was touring in Houston, San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles, and was on tour for four weeks. In colaboration with: Sons of Norway, The Norwegian American Foundation, Høstfesten, The Norwegian Embassy and the Norwegan Consule. A wonderful tour, with New York as last stop with great revues in Norwegian American Times.

USA 2004

My first acting job outside Norway, was in USA in 2004, for The Norwegian Embassy and The Norwegian American Foundation. I did Nora from A Dolls House at among Sears Hotel. This performance gave me an invitation to come over again.

Dubai and Italy

The last 10 years, I have toured a lot outside Norway. And Henrik Ibsens play has been the main focus.

I have visited Dubai several times, in 2007, 2008, 2011, 2012. I have been playing Peer Gynt at amongst  Dubai American Academy DAA. And also played on the beach in front of The Palm, for a privat party.  Fun and different.

I played Peer Gynt also in Italy, Sorrento,  for the Sorrento mayor and also for a Japanees deligation visiting Sorrento.  Sorrento is  one of the cities Henrik Ibsen found inspiration to write some of his play, so It was lovely for me to walk in his footstep.

At this time, I have three performances in English. Peer Gynt, Nora from A Dolls House and The Baronesse Karen Blixen.  Want a preformance, write to: jeanne@boesfilmogteater.no

Jeanne privat

From a young age, I loved to be on stage,  play a character and write stories. When I  came in my twenties, I studied acting three years in London, and  a few years later I also studied film at HIO, Norway.

I started to write playes for theatre in 2000, then in 2013, I wrote my first ShortFilm.  Film is  for sure, something I would like to do  more in the future.

In my sparetime I  hike in the montain, cycling, read, travel and as often as possible, I love to be at the cabin  at Hovden, Setesdalen. 

CONTACT: jeanne@boesfilmogteater.no

I  am hired at: www.skuda.no